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New Legacy 

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New Legacy Album 

Bright Lights

My First Music Video = Awesome ! 

Treemen Video

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Tour Dates 2018

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Burning Jerusalem

DJ Digger Jones presents his debut album Burning Jerusalem. With a decade playing the club scene, Digger has become  a great high energy act with hard hitting lyrics and catchy choruses. With a growing fan base and unmistakable stage presence , shows are  full of comedy, art and inspiring music. With new music videos being released taking the music scene by storm, Digger mixes hip hop drops and guitar  driven rock. as he set off to provide a unique story with a unique sound in every show, festival and radio single. With lyrics similar to Nas, and a sound similar to Nirvana, Digger launches an upcoming Summer 2018  Tour, and you will not want to miss this rare opportunity to see DJ Digger Jones.

1) Burning Assholes 

2) Dreams 

3) Dog Walkers 

4) into My World 

5) Burning Dido 

6) Lies

7) Noah's Song 

8) Emotional Retards 

9) Burning Jobs 

10) Waiting on a Train 

11) Strength In Identity 

12) My Country 

            Hidden: The Citadel 

New Legacy

Second Album 

Hip Hop / Rock / Trap 

1) Bright Lights 

2) Hollywood Harmony 

3) Kush 

4) Light Up This Track

5) Note H 

6) Lonely West 

7) Fly With Me

8) The Truth 

9) New Legacy

10) City Of Bones

11) White Rabbit Ninja 

12) The Last Graveyard

            Hidden: Better Left Unsaid 

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Third Album 

The Most Intellectual Sound


1) A Gift 

2) One Day In June 

3) Car Bones

4) Change

5) Fed Up 

6) Stick 

7) Good Knight 

8) Squirrels and Sparrows 

9) Birthdays 

10) Plastic Warehouse 

11) Psalt 

12) The Last Saint / Solar Eclipse 

          Hidden: Echoes In Eternity 

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Music Is Eternal

Shadows and Machines

The First Album 

The Most Controversial 

Rock / Rap 

1) Launchpads 

2) Dive 

3) Indoctrination 

4) Find It For Yourself 

5) CarBones 

6) Sixteen

7) Treemen 

8) Best One's

9) Close Encounter 

10) Band-Aids Over Bullet Holes 

11) Light One Candle 

12) Meet Again 

Hidden: Quest(to an intense destination) 

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Digger Jones?

"His stage presence is so energetic, passionate, and fun, I love the beat drops, song lyrics and melodies the most though."

DJ Digger Jones?

"I've already recommended this performer to all my friends. They were so lovely and professional. I can't wait to work with them again!"

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Why Burning Jerusalem?

Political Oppression, The Regime, Asian Folk Tails, Nice Band Picture

 Many people might question the motives and meaning of this album title. To some, it may be controversial and it may be offensive, especially in our current political atmosphere. The point is the music creates a story. To be honest, the name has nothing to do with a specific race or religion, it has everything to do with what is sacred, in general. Years ago, Digger Jones, while composing these songs, came across a news article on terrorism and violence murdering innocent people in churches, synagogues and mosques around the world. In a fit of rage, Digger screamed out, "Why don't they just bomb Jerusalem, Mecca and the Pyramids while there at it. Just destroy the most sacred places on earth until there is nothing left, maybe then these needless bombings will stop. No one cares about the sacred anymore!" Hence, Burning Jerusalem was born! This album is a journey through the past, present and future, and I hope to you it will become sacred as well. 

Upcoming Events !


DJ Digger Jones and his band A Close Encounter will be performing a free concert on April 26th, 2019 for the shooting of their first music video. 

The concert will also be a chance for A&R reps, booking agents and the media to get a sneak peak at a few of the singles in the upcoming New Legacy album and Tour this 2018 Summer. 

Merging powerful funk and rock baselines with heavy hitting rap hooks, this free show promises to bring high energy, dancing from head to toe and even a little comedy thrown in for good measure. 

DJ Digger Jones has honed his craft to provide audiences with catchy choruses on top of melodic hip hop-beats, all while playing the guitar. Imagine Eminem if he could play guitar too! 


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N Da Futur


In the 6ix: The day has finally come, DJ Digger Jones has arrived! With banging singles like “Bright Lights” and “Kush”, New Legacy pushes to become the hip hop album of the year. Blending soaring lead guitars with melodic dubstep drops and profound heavy hitting, yet witty lyrics, this album has songs that every hip-hop enthusiast can enjoy. The album release concert will be at The Revival NightClub (College) , but not only will fans get a chance to see DJ Digger Jones’ team perform before they set off on their first tour, but fans will also get a chance to participate in an online survey, a live concert music video and a chance to win Free swag bags full of merch. You will not want to miss this once in a lifetime event, trust me! 

Music / Videos / Tours

New Video's for 5 songs: 
Bright Lights
Note H
Fly With Me
Better Left Unsaid
Light One Candle 

Tour Starts April 27th, 2018 The Revival NightClub for album release than spans across GTA for Summer 2018. youtube music entertainment center

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Phone (778) 988-1353

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