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Music Videos - Hip Hop

Bright Lights 




2 Studio Albums

Check Out the rock album Burning Jerusalem and the hip hop album New Legacy. 


          DJ Digger Jones presents his debut album Burning Jerusalem. With a decade playing the club scene, Digger has  become  a great high energy act with hard hitting lyrics and catchy choruses. 

           With a growing fan base and unmistakable stage presence , shows are  full  of comedy, art and inspiring music. With new music videos being released taking the music scene by storm,Digger mixes hip hop drops and guitar  driven rock. as he set off to provide  a unique story with a unique sound in every show, festival and radio single. With lyrics similar to Nas, and a sound similar to Nirvana, Digger launches an upcoming Summer 2018  Tour, and you will not want to miss this rare opportunity to see DJ Digger Jones. 


April 26th, 2019


DJ Digger Jones and his band A Close Encounter will be performing a free concert on Friday, April 26th, 2019 for the shooting of their first music video. 

The concert will also be a chance for A&R reps, booking agents and the media to get a sneak peak at a few of the singles in the upcoming New Legacy album and Tour this 2018 Summer. 

Merging powerful funk and rock baselines with heavy hitting rap hooks, this free show promises to bring high energy, dancing from head to toe and even a little comedy thrown in for good measure. 

DJ Digger Jones has honed his craft to provide audiences with catchy choruses on top of melodic hip hop-beats, all while playing the guitar. Imagine Eminem if he could play guitar too! 


Be one of the few media and industry people invited to the live concert/music video of “Better Left Unsaid”, one of the singles on the New Legacy album that launches its tour this Summer 2019. 

This will be a great time for bloggers, journalists, label reps, and venue bookers to see DJ Digger Jones showcase his multiple talents for a packed club, diverse crowd and film crew capturing it all. 

The show/music video shoot promises to feature guest rappers, DJ’s, and choreographed dance routines to singles such as:

Better Left Unsaid

Light One Candle 

New Legacy 

Close Encounter

Digger Jones

Vocalist, Rapper, Producer, Guitarist, Piano, DJ. 

J Culture


Shane Free

Lead & Rhythm Guitarist 

Andrew Hild

Lead & Rhythm Guitarist 

MC Guffin

Piano / Bass / SFX/ Producer 

Joesph Callender



New Legacy

Close Encounter, A Close Encounter, Album Cover,  DJ Digger Jones, 2018 Rap Rock

The First Studio Album 2017

Rock Rap 

Inside Cover

Inspired by a new look at hip hop and trap beats. Digger and his band fuss radio ready rock-rap with sweat lead guitar lines and a soulful drum and bass section. 

Track List

1) Bright Lights 

2) Hollywood Harmony 

3) Kush 

4) Light Up This Track 

5) Note H 

6) Lonely West 

7) Fly With Me 

8) The Truth 

9) New Legacy

10) Valley Of The Kings 

11) White Rabbit Ninja

12) The Long Graveyard

Hidden: Better Left Unsaid 

Burning Jerusalem

The Second Studio Album 

Jazz Rock with a hint of Metal 

Inside Cover

Inspired by political events around the world, this album merges jazz rock and metal. Don't miss some of the horn sections! 

Track List

1) Burning Assholes

2) Dreams 

3) Dog Walkers 

4) Into My World 

5) Burning Dido 

6) Lies 

7) Noah's Song

8) Emotional Retards 

9) Burning Jobs 

10) Waiting On A Train 

11) Strength In Identity 

12) My Country 

Hidden: The Citadel 

Close Encounter Album Logos

New Legacy

Celestial Eye, A Close Encounter, Close Encounter, DJ Digger Jones, New Legacy Entertainment

The Celestial Eye 

Burning Jerusalem

Volcano Symbol, A Close Encounter, Close Encounter, DJ Digger Jones, Burning Jerusalem

Volcano Symbol 


FunHole Symbol